The March 2019 Monthlies have hatched! Did you enjoy the revisit of the Steampunk theme? These metal-adorned critters are sure to liven up your collection!

For April 2019, we're moving away from brass and gears, and instead focus on living legends. This month, prepare for our artists' visions of Mythical Beasts, in particular the kind that lack adequate representation on the site! So if you're curious about those creatures of lore, head on over to the Freebies Tent and take good care of the eggs you find there!

With spring finally here, the Sunshine Dagu have come out to play! Stop by the Premium Shop if you wish to play with them.

And last, but never least, since you now have a bunch of incentive to get into clicking again, here's a reminder that we're currently polling for the 9th Great Day of Click. If you want to have a word in when this should take place, head on over to this forum thread. Further polls narrowing down the date may follow as needed, but the sooner you get involved, the more likely you'll hit a time that's right for you!


Again with new designs of the same monthly eggs. I respect the artists though, it's easier to use a base.
Accidental double spiral egg. Late april fools? XD
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Wednesday June 26 2019 8:51 am
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