You may have noticed the site was down today. Basically, a key PHP function stopped working all of a sudden which broke the captcha. Then, when I fixed that, our caching software stopped working. After much poking around and trying things, we're finally back online, but a lot of the server software has been upgraded including PHP.

Things are likely going to be broken. Please post any issues in the help forum so that we can fix them. Thank you all for your patience.

The weekly giveaway, extreme clicking and Claw Grab Prize will all be modified so that you don't lose your streaks as long as you play them on April 12th.


Tardis- Look at Frost's comment
I clicked Monday-Thursday on the weekly adopt and it didn't save my streak. so it says i didn't earn the weekly
Thanks, Frost, that solution worked like a charm!
You may have to go to the weekly page TWICE for it to count all the days you clicked
*Sorry for the double post. My Uchi Fusion survival rate didn't reset either.
I played Weekly today, but my progress from the rest of the week has been erased :'( Is that just a visual thing?
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Wednesday June 26 2019 8:50 am
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