Do you like Kiros or Skelekos? Why not both! Now you no longer have to choose, because the Skeleko Kiros are the newest arrivals in the Premium Shop! Since the set is rather big, we decided to split it in half to go easy on your Silver BC, so look forward to the remaining Skelekiros next month!

It's been a while since Quality Assurance had a new family of Karint, but no need to go blue, because the Goblu Karint are a literal family that'll get the job done! From young to old, boys and girls, they're all here!

Also, in case you hadn't seen it yet, the end date of the Easter 2019 event has been announced! You have until the end of May 3rd to egg and be egged! So gather up those eggs if you want to add some more easter flair to your collections!


Whoops :X I swear I know how to read; I was an English major, for Trap's sake! *Hides head in shame.*
As stated in the news, the remaining Skelekiros will be released next month :)
You think you'll release the other colors someday? That would be neat :D
Awwwwww, those Skelekiros!! I love them <3 <3 <3
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Saturday May 30 2020 10:48 pm
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