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The April 2019 monthlies have now hatched! :D Did you manage to guess what kind of Mythical Beasts would hatch from the eggs? ^^

egg_fiery_egg.png egg_water_orb.png egg_winged_dornog_egg.png

The new theme flying inn for May 2019 is Wings, so why not head over to the Freebies Tent and grab some new eggs c:

And don't forget that this is the last day of the Easter event ^^ So keep on egging everyone! :D

And have a nice day~


I kind of agree that the same species each month is getting a little stale... I liked seeing new species each month, not just themes.
I've posted a topic about it in the forum :) Feel free to check it out ^^
I miss the changing monthlies too but I respect that it's probably easer on the artists to use a base and just edit the theme every month.
I love Ninikis, but it's a little odd to have the same species each month.
I miss the changing monthlies as well :(
Oh, I love the new monthly themed adoptables! And the reason why is apparent this month. Do mine eyes decieve me or is that a Water Orb?! A. Water. Orb?! *goes to check* Yep, Water Orb! Oh my gosh! I love Niniki, and I love water! You see, since they are themed, I *know* I'll like anything that hatches from an orb. I can't imagine a Niniki I don't like (unless it's a zombie or something gross). There is no way a water-themed Niniki could be anything but awesome! <3 For whatever it might be worth, the Quag likes... very, very much! :)
I hope this doesn't come as rude, but why have the monthlies in the past couple months all been the same few species, just different themes?
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Wednesday May 27 2020 9:14 pm
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