The Click Forest has been populated with yet another GA set of round cuties! If you want to snag a Kyuki Puff you best bring your biggest bag of YBC, because they look like they might be up to no good...

And if you're running out of yellow Bottlecaps to hunt with, here's your extra incentive to stock up in the Click Exchange: the Black Corgi Cylin has come to play! With the GDoC less than a month away, why not get some practice in?

Also, Happy Mother's Day where applicable! It's today in a bunch of countries, but not everywhere, how quaint!


OMG Kyuki Puffs would never do that I'm literally shaking and crying rn ;;

Also thats is a cute Cylin, I need to hint me one of those good boys!
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Saturday May 30 2020 11:40 pm
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