It's here! It's time! Can you feel it in the air? The potential? The raw power? The collective clicking energy of the entire site just waiting to be unleashed on the Click Exchange? The CE won't know what hit it!

Tomorrow, June 8th is the ninth Great Day of Click. The goal of the day is to click as many times as you possibly can! Last year we clicked 548,544 times. Can we break that record?

makeshift_cylin_plushie_mud_tour_squid.p 12154810.gif?4411 makeshift_cylin_plushie_snow_leopard.png
To help you along with some motivation, we have some amazing prizes. First, as is traditional, EVERY, SINGLE, CE BONUS is activated all day long! War sharks, Gnawulls, Double Credits, Power Hour, and more slots than you can shake a stick at! Woah!

You will also earn yourself a snazzy Makeshift Cylin for every 150 clicks you do. Only 150 clicks for one of these adorable critters? Bargain!

And last but not least we have a community goal. You might have noticed the Fabulous Nautilot up there. Would you like to earn one? Well you can! Would you like to earn two? Three? Four? You'll have to work together with everyone on the site to unlock these rewards! There are four adoptables - Fabulous Day, Super Fabulous Day, Fabulous Night and Super Fabulous Night. The super fabulous adoptables are the animated ones!

If we hit 100,000 clicks, everyone who clicks at least 100 times will get one Nautilot (Fabulous Day)
If we hit 200,000 clicks, everyone who clicks at least 250 times will get one Nautilot (Super Fabulous Day)
If we hit 300,000 clicks, everyone who clicks at least 500 times will get one Nautilot (Fabulous Night)
If we hit 400,000 clicks, everyone who clicks at least 1000 times will get one Nautilot (Super Fabulous Night)
If we hit 500,000 clicks, everyone who clicks at least 2000 times will get all their prizes doubled (i.e. two of each adoptable!)

You will receive all tiers you personally qualify for. So for example, if we hit 500,000 clicks and you have only clicked 1,000 times, you'll get one of each adoptable!

Finally, there will be a special fabulous nautilot trophy that will be given out to everyone who clicks more than 200 times on the day. This will show your rank and how many clicks you did to show everyone that you were here in 2019!

Happy clicking!


Aw, those makeshift cylin are super cute!!
Disco snails!
Oblivion Flower
Those Makeshift Cylins are *gorgeous*. I hope I can get them all!
ah... of course i had to be stuck on an airplane for this! i didnt know until way later, but oh well. happy day of click everyone!
@namu: If the community does 100,000, but you did not do 100, you will receive nothing.
so if we all get 100,000 and I will have less than 100 then I will not get an adoptable? or if I will make the clicks later then I will get it?
I'm so excited now!
Imma click my socks off!
Well, paint me thrilled! Not only are the prizes awesome (Orca and Snow Leopard!), but the goal is acheivable, even for a poor clicker like me. 2.5k is pretty much my max in a day, so it's an acheivable goal. It'll take about 5-6 hours, but it *is* doable. And the Nautilots are such cuties. Those rainbowy cuties would go so well with my Nautilot rainbow (with unpainteds standing in for orange and purple). Anyway, looks like a lot of fun! :)
Very excited for this
Yessss! I'm stoked.:)
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Saturday September 21 2019 10:41 am
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