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The Great Day of Click is over for another year, and what a day it was. Collectively, we absolutely smashed last year's total by just over 100,000 clicks. Better than that, we thrashed the previous site record for most clicks in a day by just under 75,000 clicks. Yesterday, we clicked, an epic 649,036 times! That's the biggest day of clicking in Click Critters history! Congratulations!

Everyone has been given their snails and their trophies. Because we achieved such an outstanding result, we added one snail to everyone's prizes! So if you did less than 2,000 clicks you got two snails of whichever tiers you earned, and if you did over 2,000 clicks you got three snails. Well done everyone!


We did it! Way to go everyone!!
Congrats everyone!
We did it! Congratulations and good job, everyone!
Good job everyone!
Such cuties! Thanks a bunch for the snail trio! :)
Fantastic job, everyone!!! *Snail rave*
Congrats to all the Click Critter clickers! <3
Whoo! Great job everyone!
Just so beautiful! \*0*/ Thankies Cyde!
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Saturday September 21 2019 10:06 am
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