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We've been a bit slack with the cashies - real life got in the way! But here's a very late Facet Hare for you to add to your collections! If you buy the egg it will hatch into all six variants plus the rainbow Hare! if that's not your jam, you can buy the individual colors except the rainbow one for 100 black BC each!


I'm so glad you guys like them! ^-^
Echoing Zorz here. The rainbow-y gemstone-y adoptables are my absolute favorites, and this one probably sits atop them all. I love it.
This cashie egg has to be my single favorite egg design of all time on this site.

@ChibiNinja - they've stopped doing UP cashies for the time being. ^^
No unpainted this time, huh? I still like it, I just think that's unusual.
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Wednesday July 15 2020 6:13 am
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