There is a new puzzle over at the Puzzle Station! Will you be one of the ones to solve Quag's Weekly Puzzle #40 and earn a sweet prize?


Nope, no trick to it. Just figure out what adoptable it is. (It *is* in a big tag with multiple hundreds of adoptables, though, so it's easy to miss.) It probably *was* too straightforward for one of my puzzles, but I thought it was worth giving it a shot (since the puzzle image took only a few seconds to make)... :)
I love it
Oh, so there isn't a trick in this puzzle? I was thinking about looking at it some more to see if there's something else hidden. XD
Flame; I'm the second half of your comment. I have absolutely no idea how to find this adopt without searching every image. Which I'm obviously not going to do. All the tags that I could think to search did not lead me to the adoptable and as such I've left this as another unsolved one for me.
The image is really cool to look at, no doubt, but I recognized the adoptable immediately and got the answer easily.

I also think that if someone /didn't/ immediately recognize the adoptable, they'd have no path towards solving the puzzle.
This puzzle is a new idea I came up with. Let me know if you think it's way too easy.
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Wednesday July 15 2020 3:56 am
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