Got some puffs to spare? Then head over to the Puzzle Piece Trade-in!
Two new Vulpaw can now hatch from the Mystery Puzzle Egg!


You thought Kuron and Maruchi were cute? Then let me introduce the Kuruchi to you!
It combines the cuteness of both in one adopt! You can find these cuties in the Freedom Forest!


Well I'd say Crowley got a huge success here, because these are adorable.
Steen said in the Chatbox that if you want more kuruchis, let her know via the forums. She can convert it to a base or something! If you like, you can even suggest colours etc. She could make a special event if there is enough interest. There is a post up in Ideas and Suggestions already if you all want to add to it~
I love these new adoptables!
Aaaand I should update my wishlist again ;) Seriously, these look great!
Lol so many FF releases close together, I'm probably hardly gonna see eggs in the FF but these are so adorable I don't care
Sooo adorable! Was reminded of the Kiron that I did a while ago :)
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Monday November 18 2019 11:26 am
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