leafagon_sunset.png serpent_firin_deep_green.png jelly_slug_niniki.png

The September monthlies have hatched, and the deep sea creatures have emerged!

egg_clown_shroom.png egg_spiral_aid_box.png egg_watery_grinning_egg.png

Don't forget to pick up new eggs from the Freebies Tent, this month theme is Phobia. Will your phobia make an appearance? :o

ermine_green.png ermine_orange.png ermine_3.png ermine_4.png

Last but not least, these awesome Painting Ermine have now been spotted to the Premium Shop, maybe they are ready make some inky October art? :)

Have a nice day everyone~


Phobias! What a creative theme! Way to be Halloween without being Halloweeny. Love love love <3
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Thursday February 20 2020 8:44 am
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