We missed out annual birthday event this year - it's been a pretty busy year for us personally and we just didn't have the time. We do want to celebrate another year together though, so we've enabled Clickstravaganza from now until the end of November 1st. Everyone has been given 10,000 clickstravaganza tokens, so you can click whenever you want between now and the end of November 1st.

Thanks for playing for another year! Keep an eye out later this week for our Halloween event!


Awesome, I love Clickstravaganza tokens. :D Happy belated Birthday, CC!
Been gone on and off a lot, but I missed the birthday event last year, and I'm so happy I'm here this year. Yay Clickstravagana!
Ooh, nice! (And I totally understand busy! My life has been crazy, too!) And a token allows you to enjoy the benfits of the Clickstravaganza (extra wheels, prizes active, etc.) 10,000 times (i.e. 10,000 clicks) but over a several day period of time.
It was a hard year over here as well. Thank you for providing this room here for a little leisure time! <3
I don't remember, what is a Clickstravaganza token?
Feels like a busy year for everyone in general. Still, congratulations all the same! Looking forward to Halloween.
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Saturday May 30 2020 11:46 pm
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