It's that spooky time of year again! That time where you can show up at random stranger's profiles and demand rewards! From now until the end of November 9th, you can trick or treat at user's profiles on the site. Trick or treating is free and will earn you a goodie bag.


If you choose to open your goodie bag, you will find either a trick or a treat. There are 26 new adoptables to collect, and you will also find some mysterious tickets in your bags and floating around the site. Save as many of these as you can - you'll want them later :)

candy_kuruchi_11.png ticket.png shooble_9.png


@Minty I believe they stay as relics! That's how they were last time (rip the 200 bags I forgot to open before the deadline)
Nice Happy Halloween, CC!

Are the goodie bags going to be sticking around as relics, or should we open 'em all before they crumble to dust when the event ends? XD
Oh, what beauties! Love the adopts <3 <3
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Sunday May 31 2020 12:13 am
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