aquaphobia_truddil.png ombicat.png darkness_niniki.png

The Phobia eggs have hatched, do you have any of these phobias? I know I do! :o

egg_star_pillow.png egg_adventure_satchel.png egg_plush_egg1.png

New eggs can be found in the Freebies Tent, and the theme this month is a bit softer than the previous. This month we have Plushies! So why not head on over and grab a set? :D

rascal_voracigon_blue.png rascal_voracigon_green.png rascal_voracigon_purple.png

And don't for get to visit to the Premium Shop as these cute Rascal Voracigon can now be purchased for 400 silver bottle caps each :) If you feel like there's missing some colors, you're absolutely correct! We decided to split up the set, so the other half will be in shop next month ^^

Last but not least! Remember that today is the last day to spend your Clickstravaganza tokens, so remember to get clicking if you have not already! ^^

Happy clicking everyone~


This is the cutest monthly set I've ever seen, I think. So many plushies!
I *love* the new monthly theme! Plushies FTW! :)
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Sunday May 31 2020 12:40 am
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