It's December 1st. You know what that means? ADVENT TIME! This year I want to see some real effort to get the sweet, sweet prizes. 50 clicks in the Click Exchange is my price. Do your daily clicks then come and see me for a rumbly prize! Don't forget that you can give gifts from now until Christmas too - just visit another user's profile to find the option!


I guess it is easier for newer players, but I think I greatly preferred past years' methods for getting the advent adopts. A minor complaint, I'll admit.

That only applies to the method though - I rather like the Rumbles, and don't really have any complaints there.
I love the Rumbles!!! Their SO cute!! 😊❤️
I was expecting the usual adopt scramble thing but this is so much easier, especially for newer players to get into! Much appreciated, guys.
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Sunday May 31 2020 12:48 am
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