nyrva_hatchling_koi.png duokitten.png baby_xinzi_oasis.png
The eggs from January has hatched into these super cute baby adoptables :D Were you able to guess which egg would hatch into what? ^^

egg_dam_egg.png egg_river_egg.png feathery_egg.png
The theme for February is Native American Zodiac, so who knows what awesome critters might hatch from the new eggs o3o If you want a set for your own, then head on over to the Freebies Tent ^^

faelin_emotion.png faelin_essence.png faelin_mind.png faelin_soul.png
And don't forget to take a look over in the Premium Shop as these awesome Faelin has just been spotted entering the shop :D

Have a nice day everyone~


Soooo much cuteness! I LOVE them! ^-^
Cool new theme! And cute hatches/premiums! You guys are on a roll! :D :D :D
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Monday July 13 2020 3:25 pm
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