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We've added two new longer term goals for you to work towards! The first is a brand new level of Claw! Grab! PRIZE!. This level has you in an art studio deciding what to do with various paint colors. You'd have to be a bit weird to select some of the options! If you're lucky, the claw machine will gift you with a Painter KuruchI!

The second area is hidden in the depths of the Long Lost Laboratory. Crowley has continued work on his Uchi Fusion machine, and has discovered a new variant - the Mummy Uchi! If you've finished the previous set, you can turn in your legion and get started on this one!


Ooh a new CGP level! So cool, and I like the Kuruchis and the Uchis! :D
Aaaaah so cool! But when do we get more Defender Uchis?
Aaaahhhh soooo cute!
Painter Maruchi!!! <3 <3 <3 So in love! Thank you!
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Monday April 6 2020 8:09 pm
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