The Creel has found its way into the restocking shops! It looks a little upset... maybe you can cheer one up by giving it a new home!

Covid-19: We want to take a moment and comment on what is happening right now around the world. Many countries are making decisions which can be scary for the people who live there. Borders are closing, people are being told to stay home, and people are getting sick. Many of our site members are in countries which are badly impacted by the virus, and many more are in countries preparing to be impacted.

When the real world is so stressful, we want to make sure that Click Critters is a welcoming place where you can escape for a while. We aren't going to ban talk about the virus - it is understandable that people will want to talk about it, but we ask that you minimise this in the chatbox, and perhaps even take it to PM. Let's keep the chatbox positive and focussed on non-virus topics so that people who are dealing with the virus 24/7 in real life can come here and have a bit of a break. Mods won't be handing out warnings, but they will be politely asking you to change the topic.

We hope that all of our members and your families are safe and healthy, and stay that way. Enjoy your time on the site.


I'm fully in support of minimalizing the Corona Virus discussion. It's a genuine concern, but some people would certainly want to keep their mind off of it, such as myself. Regardless, anyone who happens to read my comment, please stay safe. Wash your hands often, and take 20 seconds to apply soap.

Also, I quite like these adoptables! They're cute in a strange little way. I especially like the mystic one, of course. :D
Thank you for working to keep CC positive. We need a place to escape from the negativity and stuff. Also, very interesting new adopts!
I appreciate the "in moderation" approach. Thanks for making this site a great place to be. :)
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Monday April 6 2020 12:32 am
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