Wow! What an epic Great Day of Click that was! Together, we clicked 696,355 times. Almost 50,000 more than last year! In doing so, we helped romance flourish between Traptop and Cherry, and we unlocked a whole suite of rewards! If you participated, you will have trophies on your profile showing how well you did!

The first community rewards have been added to the site. The Spectrum Division Traptor have been added to the Click Exchange. They replace the War Sharks. Shark Hour is no more, now you can have a Fabulous Hour every day! Additionally, in case you haven't had enough of clicking, everyone has been given 15,000 clickstravaganza credits. You can use these up until the end of July 19th - plenty of time to get your clicks in!

There are more rewards though!

Reduced dinomon cooldown23rd June29th June
Reduced wonder wheel cooldown23rd June29th June
Premium access26th June28th June
Reduced monthly cooldown1st July7th July
Increased puff rarity1st July7th July
Increased freedom forest eggs9th July15th July
Free click forest entry11th July12th July

If you want to catch up on the story, you can revisit the milestones on the GDOC 2020 page! Thank you for playing and we will see you again next year!


Wait what Cherry x Traptop is a ship I thought they were just friends
Best GDoC! Great prizes, boatloads of Dinomon, ... and my 'ship became canon! \ o /
Couldn't have asked for better timing with this event, everything went smoothly and look at all those perks!
My goodness, they're gay! Good for them, good for them :')

And this was a good event! Sadly I joined in super late and contributed to it just as much as I contribute to society: not much at all. But I'm glad everyone else enjoyed it!
This was one of the best events we've ever had. The community goals, re-release of old adoptables, special Traptors, Traptop/Cherry ship, the chat being super active—thank you all so much. That was an amazing day. Great job everyone!
Go lesbians! This ship is adorable and I'm living for it XD
This was definitely one of my favorite GDoC ever! The story was amazing and I loved working to click for the tiers <3 Great work everyone!
Yes. The ship has sailed and we've got Cherrytop!
Definitely enjoyed this awesome event and feel I became closer with the community via the shoutbox. Can't wait until next year! ^~^
Best unexpected ship ever, they're so cute ♡
Thank you for the event! I'm so glad we have rainbow traptors, I remember as soon as traptors were released wondering when we'd get rainbow ones. Congrats on beating the score everyone! :)
This year was so much fun! Can't wait to see how it all continues. :D Everyone worked hard.
Loved this event, thank you so much for hosting it. Love the adoptables and all the new images that came with it. I can't wait to hear more about this love story!
Fantastic event, beautiful story and fabulous prizes! What more could we ask for. :3 Looking forward to seeing how it's (trap)topped next year!
l,,, l les biabs,,,, lesbiabs

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Tuesday July 7 2020 12:09 pm
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