A swarm of Kaya Kiro has been seen in the Click Exchange recently. They're pretty shy though, so you'll need to impress them. As a community, every time we get 1,000 clicks in the Click Exchange a Kaya Kiro will attach themselves to the person who got the 1,000th click. Additionally, three Kaya Kiro will be released in the Lost and Found. There'll be a chatbox post to let you know it's been activated!

They'll be sticking around until the end of July 11th. It's a good time to get clicking!


Aww these are so cute! :3
Awww these really are cuties. And the shoutout to the hard-working clickers is a cool thing too!
Adorable, I wish they were a permanent addition <3___<3
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Tuesday July 7 2020 1:03 pm
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