Premium Accounts

To activate a premium account, you must purchase Magical Premium Stars from the cash shop for 500 black bottlecaps. These adoptables are tradeable, and can be activated from your adoptables page. Activation deletes the adoptable, but enables the following features for 30 days:

  • No ads anywhere on the site
  • A button beside all your posts in the forum to let everyone know you're a premium user
  • 10% bonus black BC when purchasing black BC
  • Decreased cooldown on all games
  • Enhanced games page showing checklist of main daily tasks and color coded games buttons showing remaining cooldowns
  • Decreased cooldown in the shopping district
  • 12 hour cooldown on monthlies
  • Mailbox limit of 1,000 messages
  • 2 days extra time on all Dinomon death clocks
  • Premium accounts randomly find silver bottlecaps in the click exchange
  • The Not a robot test will appear less frequently in the click exchange
  • You will be allowed more mistakes before you get a cooldown in the click exchange
  • In the trade station you can set up a custom alert, so you get notified every time an adoptable you're searching for is posted in a trade or the marketplace
  • A special premium account stackable achievement
  • Access to the premium accounts forum where you can talk to other premium users and help the staff beta test new features
  • A special piece of magical paper that draws the map for you in the game Lost
  • Ability to load the Adoptable Tracker to find out where the critters you originally adopted are now
  • 20 free listings in the Marketplace (up from the normal 10)
  • 50 random search results in the Item Marketplace (up from the normal 25)
  • A free Nexus Crystal you can use to freeze an adoptable so it doesn't evolve
If you activate another magical premium stars adoptable before your premium account has run out, the time is added on.

Thursday July 2 2020 8:29 am
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