Uchi Fusion

I can see that you too are a pioneer of uchi related science. These critters, I am sure they hold great secrets just waiting to be unlocked. In my latest experiments I have discovered how to extract the essence from two uchi, and fuse it together to create a brand new critter! Will you help me discover the ultimate uchi? Please, just loan me two of your uchi and I'll do the rest!

Survival rate: 100%

Survival rate: 100%

Experimentation Notes
Uchi Fusion is a free experiment to use, however the uchi you put in the fusion machine may not survive. Their survival rate is visible in the boxes above.

Every time you use the fusion machine the chances of survival decrease by 10%. The lowest they will go is 30%, and the chances reset every day at midnight.

If you want to guarantee your uchi survives, you need to use a nexus shard. You can obtain five nexus shards by going to a nexus crystal in your inventory and breaking it into five shards.

Wednesday February 19 2020 5:36 am
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