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The Uchi Plushies are now on sale! Click here to go to the order form! At this time you are limited to four plushies per person. If you want to order more you can, but your order will be held for one week. If you choose to do this, you will be guaranteed at least your four if the plushies sell out in the first week.


Each Uchi plushie will cost 1,500 1,000 black bottlecaps, plus the price of postage (please see the table below).

Plush Information

The Uchi Plush measures 6 inches, or 15 cm from nose to tail, and is just as tall. These adorable little critters come with soft (non poseable) wings, and all details have been embroidered making them super kid safe! There are four colors to choose from, and there are 150 of each color. The four colors of Defender Uchi are: Chaotic, Darkness, Lawful and Light.

Each Uchi comes with a hang tag, and an identity card which will have a unique id number written on it!

Extras with Purchase

Every plushie you purchase will include (for free):

A plush adoptable of your plushie. This adoptable will not be usable in the upcoming Uchi Fusion Minigame

A normal adoptable of your plushie. This adoptable will be usable in the upcoming Uchi Fusion Minigame

A three day period of Premium Account access added to your account. This will be automatically activated and added to any existing time you have

When you order your plushie you can choose to pay extra black bottlecaps for:

- Additional plushie adoptables - same color as your plushie (200 Black BC, limit 2)
- Additional normal adoptables - same color as your plushie (200 Black BC, limit 2)

- Byte versions of your plushie (50 Black BC, limit 9)
- Quetzal and Cydewinder signatures on the identification cards (100 Black BC)

If you order three or more plushies you will receive one byte for each plushie you order for free. You can still purchase additional bytes at the price of 50 Black BC each.

Shipping Information

The table below shows the countries we will be sending to. If your country is not listed you will have to contact us to get a price for shipping to your country. All packages will be sent using Air mail and should arrive within 3 - 10 days. Using Air mail we are unable to offer package tracking. If you really want tracking you can contact us for a quote, but tracking requires shipping by courier which can be significantly more expensive. The shipping rates in the table below have been calculated from the current USD to NZD exchange rate. This is a worse exchange rate than when we launched Kuron plushies which is why some prices have increased. If the exchange rate changes dramatically we will update the shipping prices.

Country1 Plush2 Plushies3 Plushies4 Plushies
USA 1350 1350 1500 1650
Australia 800 800 900 950
Austria 1350 1350 1500 1650
Belgium 1350 1350 1500 1650
Brazil 1400 1400 1550 1750
Canada 1350 1350 1500 1650
China 1250 1250 1400 1550
Croatia 1350 1350 1500 1650
Estonia 1350 1350 1500 1650
France 1350 1350 1500 1650
Germany 1350 1350 1500 1650
Greece 1350 1350 1500 1650
Ireland 1350 1350 1500 1650
Japan 1250 1250 1400 1550
Malaysia 1250 1250 1400 1550
Myanmar 1350 1350 1500 1650
Netherlands 1250 1250 1400 1550
Norway 1350 1350 1500 1650
Philippines 1250 1250 1400 1550
Poland 1350 1350 1500 1650
Portugal 1350 1350 1500 1650
Russia 1400 1400 1550 1750
South Korea 1250 1250 1400 1550
Spain 1350 1350 1500 1650
Switzerland 1350 1350 1500 1650
Thailand 1250 1250 1400 1550
Turkey 1400 1400 1550 1750
United Arab Emirates 1400 1400 1550 1750
United Kingdom 1350 1350 1500 1650

Please note: When the plushies are released, the price you pay will not include any import taxes or customs charges that your country applies to goods purchased overseas. When we sent the Kiro and Kuron plushies, we did not receive many reports of people having to pay additional fees, however it would be wise to check the customs rules in your country before ordering to avoid any surprises!

Technical Notes

The Uchi plushies will be stored in our house where we have three very curious cats running around. If you are allergic to animals, please do not order a plush unless you are able to clean it once you receive it as we can not guarantee it will not include some free cat hair!

All Uchi plushies are child friendly. They do not contain any plastic parts that could detach and be swallowed by a child.


Thursday July 9 2020 1:18 pm
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