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Name: Mega

Nickname: Mega or MP3
Previously known as: MegaPokemon3
Joined: November 28, 2009
Last seen: February 2, 2019
Gender: Female

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Game Scores

Claw. Grab. Prize!
11255 points

Click Forest
357 points

Dirt Digger
1378 points

518 points

Fishing Fever
243 points

Guess the Number
30 points

Quality Assurance
121 points

4 points

Tribal Tracking
874 points

Stop and Swap
0 points

Wonder Wheel
21 points

Uchi Fusion
0 points


Festival of Competition - Excavation
(#141, 385 points)

Festival of Competition - Grass Dodging
(#201, 304 points)

Festival of Competition - Sphere Sorting
(#143, 21 points)

Avengers of Altazan - Ultimate Guardian
(#21, 6047 points)

Skelwing Conquerer
(Earned on December 14, 2014, 8:54 pm)

Drat Lover
(#14, 400 drats)

Kingsguard Event (Individual) - Battler
(#125, 47 wins)

Kingsguard Event (Tribe) - Third
(#14, 47 wins)


Storm Tribe

Monday July 15 2019 5:40 pm
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