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Ruby's Surplus CleanUp

"Take a look, don't be a crook. Stealing's terrible."

I tend to not realize that I have a lot of items until I randomly look at my inventory. My home's kinda cluttered with these piles of stuff that I don't actually use since I'm such a lurker nowadays. oops

Time for some cleaning then! Will try to sell these at cheap; I'm not too picky on what I do want since I'm patient enough to eventually get back to high BC counts. Unless there are emergencies that I need to fund *coughchocolatesupplycough*

Anyways, browse and buy if you want. No pressure! ^^

Marinodon Skull Fossil

(33 in stock)
10 2

Pink Sock

(11 in stock)
150 10

Egg Fragment (6e)

(3 in stock)

Trick or Treat Bag (Red)

(2 in stock)

Trick or Treat Bag (Green)

(2 in stock)

Trick or Treat Bag (Blue)

(17 in stock)

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Thursday May 28 2020 7:02 am
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