The fun has been doubled! (Yet again!)
Posted on December 15 2018, 6:06 am

In fact, the fun has been doubled on the double! It's been a while since the Lost & Found got some love, so this assorted pair of kitties will hopefully make for a fun time hunting! Both the Fishbowl Cat Kiro and the Kitten Kiro are out and about, looking for their place with the purrrrfect homeowner!

If you're wondering about how we doubled double the fun, look no further than the Click Exchange, where two Ram Cylin are bonking heads in a race to see which gets found first! Brown or Cream? Place your bets!

But wait, there's more! The fun was tripled all along! We have a new and colourful addition to Cash Shop. The Parparrot are joining the holiday fun with their festive plumage. The lively birds are sure to catch anyone's eyes!

Contest Voting Open!
Posted on December 15 2018, 6:02 am

Voting for the [GA] Design a Puffset! contest is now open. You can vote here. Voting will be open for a week!

You can find more information about these entries, this contest, and future contests in the Official Contests Forum

New Army Competition!
Posted on December 9 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Mew (Normal Army), Kijame (Trader Army), and Vajra (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Coyote Cylin (Type 4) (Normal Army), Advent Maruchi #13 (Tan Elqui) (Trader Army), and Elemental Lyrun (Water) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

Posted on December 8 2018, 1:53 pm


December is a month of gifting, and what better gift than more adoptables to collect? :D You can hatch these sweet Gift Spoocopups from Experimental Species Egg, so why not head over to Freedom Forest? Maybe Jagger has hidden some there :D

Good luck everyone~

Is there a storm brewing or are they just happy to see you?
Posted on December 4 2018, 8:49 am

There seem to be some dark clouds brewing in the vicinity of Quality Assurance... Oh wait, no, it's just a group of Vulmulus Quaventa, having a little family picnic. Probably... *ahem* In any event, why not take one of these cloud-surfing foxies home with you? Just visit Berry and grab the right egg!
Also, remember that the Puff GA contest ends soon, so get your designs in!

New Army Competition!
Posted on December 2 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Shisei (Normal Army), Ocean (Trader Army), and (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Simbircite Stag (Pure) (Normal Army), Uchi (Red Body, Red Umbral) (Trader Army), and Catter (Twilight) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

Starting the holiday season with a bang!
Posted on December 1 2018, 2:46 am

November 2018 is over! So the chapter of the Dark Future is coming to an end... What awaited you? Utter devastation or a glimmer of hope?

And with December 2018, it appears we are encountering an oddly nostalgic theme... some grey, some colour, but all of it Retro it seems. What marvelous old-timey critters may await? Grab the next bunch of eggs at the Freebies Tent and find out!

Speaking of December, the Advent Calendar has been taunting you guys in the Games drop-down the last few days, but now you finally get to use it! Do your best in finding the critter each day to obtain your calendar adopts! If you're struggling, maybe someone can help you out in the Advent 2018 Hint Thread. Likewise, if you found the solution, perhaps you have the perfect idea on how to help others! No answers or hints in the Chatbox, please!

And of course, what would December be without the ability to Gift other users? Simply scroll to them bottom of the profile of any user to gift them a little something! Spread that holiday cheer with a lovely message! And remember, gifts can't be opened until Christmas Day, so wrap them with care!

Last, but definitely not least, we got a new set of critters at the Premium Shop. The Chinchilly are such plushy fluffers that they surely do not struggle when it gets cold outside, but we're certain they would much rather come home with you still, so why not invite them in?

Itty Adoptabitty Zippy Committee
Posted on November 28 2018, 1:10 pm

Looks like Christmas is coming early for you guys! A festive little capsule is stocking in the Cash Shop, and it contains a whole set of animated Zippy Adoptabits! Please do note that this is a unique Christmas gift for you guys, future cashies will be non-animated as usual.

And speaking of gifts that keep on giving, remember that you can always check the Official Puzzles section for some fun and prizes to be had! Also, stay tuned for all the fun we'll have come December! Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

New Army Competition!
Posted on November 25 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Mew (Normal Army), Luna (Trader Army), and SilviatheHedgehog (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Elemental Karint (Fire) (Normal Army), Flurin (Berry Seeds) (Trader Army), and Cacthorn (Water) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

In a world made of steel, made of stone~
Posted on November 22 2018, 12:21 pm

They say nothing is set in stone... except for these Kupatu, it would seem! Crowley's been trying to experiment with the Kupuu, and as you can see here, he ended up with living statues instead... If you want to try and save these poor critters, grab yourself some Failed Eggs over at the Freedom Forest. Maybe tender love and care will help them get mobile again?

3D Printed Maruchi Figures - now on sale!

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Zippy Adoptabit (Silver)

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