Puffs, art and trophies!
Posted on November 13 2018, 1:35 pm


These cute Squeetle Puffs have now arrived in the Click Forest, so why not head over to see if you can grab one for yourself? :D


We also have two new contests in the forum, and this time it is a Adoptable Hunt and a GA Design a Puffset! :D So here you can hunt adoptables or let your inner artist show with creating puffs, or you can do both! ^^


Last but not least, the trophies for the Halloween event have now been awarded and you can see it on your profile ^^

Well done everyone~

New Army Competition!
Posted on November 11 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Nico (Normal Army), Roan (Trader Army), and (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Traptor Pawn (Space) (Normal Army), Sugar Skull Wishee (Spirit) (Trader Army), and Uchi (Blue Body, White Skunk) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

New furends incoming!
Posted on November 6 2018, 5:20 am


These cute new Kitty Kitzi are here to join their already existing friends :D So why not head over to Quality Assurance and get your hands on a Kitzi Egg? ^^


We would also like to remind you that the Halloween event ends at the end of November 10th, so if you've been waiting with opening your bags, then now's the time! :D

Good luck everyone~

New Army Competition!
Posted on November 4 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Roan (Normal Army), Mew (Trader Army), and (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Super Uchi (Antihero) (Normal Army), Telepathic Monkey (Trader Army), and Shion Vulpaw (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

For real this time!
Posted on November 3 2018, 8:18 pm

Looks like we were in for quite a trick, but the October 2018 monthlies have finally hatched. Did you enjoy your Cryptids? Surely these eggs must have been hard to guess. And how about that Wuri Adoptabit, isn't it just so perky and cheerful?

The theme for November 2018 however is anything but cheerful. What awaits the Carnival in this Dark Future? They've been through many turmoils, and our critters have not escaped unharmed... Brace yourselves when you enter the Freebies Tent, for some of their wounds may never heal.

Is this a treat... or a trick?
Posted on November 1 2018, 3:30 pm

Want to grab a Cherion Kiro but have a hard time stalking the Lost & Found for one? Come and join the dark side, as the Dark Cherion Kiros are up to mischief over in the Premium Shop. Try and take these charming devils home if you dare, but beware of shenanigans!

And speaking of playing tricks on people, if you're running out of people to Trick or Treat, why not head on over to this thread for some more candy bowls to empty?

Happy Halloween!
Posted on October 31 2018, 12:58 am

It's halloween, and some traptors have been hitting the candy a little hard... They've turned into Gummy Worm Traptors. You can buy smoothies from the cash shop to turn your traptors into these delicious looking critters!

Cylin plush update: If you are wanting to purchase a cylin plushie for Christmas this year, you need to get your order placed by the 15th of November. There will be no orders being shipped in December. After November, the next orders will go out in January. So if you've been thinking about grabbing one for yourself or someone else, get your orders in now!

Spooky Time!
Posted on October 28 2018, 12:32 am


It's almost the end of October and things are starting to get spooky. Odd things are happening all over the carnival, and people have started walking up to strangers and screaming "TRICK OR TREAT. SMELL MY FEET. GIVE ME SOMETHING NICE TO EAT". Oddly enough, some people ARE giving treats to these people! But some people, well they don't take kindly to this, and they are giving out tricks...


If you want to try your luck, head on over to another user's profile and click the Trick or Treat button at the top of the page. You'll be given a bag which you can trade to other users or open from your items. Upon opening you might get a trick... or a treat...! There's a whole bunch of new adoptables to be earned, including four craptors, and a special chocolate coin that can be used to mix up some new smoothies!


It's not all fun and games though! Once fifty people have gone through your profile, you'll have run out of candy! If you visit YOUR profile and click the trick or treat button, you can see how much candy you have left, and restock when it runs out. Restocking has a chance to give you ghost adoptables, so you'll want to do it as often as you can!

You'll also see your scores on this page for trophies which will be given out at the end of the event! Happy trick or treating! Let us know what you find and if there are any bugs!

New Army Competition!
Posted on October 28 2018, 12:00 am

Last week's Army Competitions were won by: Mew (Normal Army), Quagthistle (Trader Army), and clawstra (Collector Army). Congratulations!

This weeks adoptables are the Flufee Puff (Yang) (Normal Army), Pond Snail (Acute) (Trader Army), and Hermit Uchi (Blue Turbo Prismatic) (Collector Army).

Head on over to the Army Competition to see how many you have!

It's a dog eat doggone world out there!
Posted on October 27 2018, 9:29 am

There's no room for Doggone Puff memes today! Just sniff them out over in the Click Forest before they catch wind of you being there!

3D Printed Maruchi Figures - now on sale!

Click here!

New sizes and lower price!

Wish Raty Egg

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